Clean Buses for clean air – Guidelines for municipalities and transport companies published

Public buses contribute a large part to the overall pollution within urban areas. Especially emission of particles and Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) are harmful to human health and environment. To meet European air quality targets municipalities are requested to use all possibilities to reduce these emissions. An effective way to reach this target is modernization of public transport bus fleet.

Therefor VCD published the brochure “Clean buses in public transport – a guideline for municipalities and transport companies”. The guideline is available in German, Polish and Czech language and collect the results of several round tables and expert talks in the three countries. The different initial situation in the three countries and the distinct current measures has been taken into consideration. After the description of connection between air pollution and bus transport the guidelines focus on two main issues: the reduction of emissions by replace older buses with new and cleaner buses and the modernization of the existing fleet by retrofitting with diesel particulate filters and De-NOx systems.

To demonstrate the practicability and successful implementation in the guidelines several examples of cities which already retrofitted their buses are shown. Furthermore costs of retrofitting and maintaining of buses will be illustrate and additional measures for clean air, like Low Emission Zones, are presented as well.