Cleaner busses in agglomeration of Budapest

VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt., the state owned Hungarian regional bus transport company has bought 167 new buses, of which 150 were put in operation between Budapest and 11 settlements of its agglomeration from April till June 2014. Beside the increased comfort offered to the passengers, the new low-floor buses are also much more cleaner than the old ones. The 106 pieces of  MAN A21 Lion’s City are conform to the Euro VI standard and the 61 pieces of  Rába-VOLVO 7900 buses are equipped with Euro V EEV motors.

Although this is a very positive development concerning the fleet of the agglomeration, the average age of the bus fleet operating in Budapest is still one of the highest in Europe.

In June CAAG met Dávid Vitézy, the CEO of the BKK (Center for Budapest Transport) and presented the results of its measures of ultrafine particles emitted by the 20-year-old buses running in the city and insisted on the continuation of the bus renewal program in Budapest.