Cycling campaign ready to roll

The European Biking Cities network is complete! The cycling cities Brighton-Hove, Bolzano, Mannheim, Potsdam, Strasbourg and Vitoria-Gasteiz form the alliance within the CleanAir project. All six have already reached considerable success and commit to supporting the development of cycling further on. By bringing these very different cities together, each one has the opportunity to learn from the others and with joint actions we will raise awareness for best-practice in EU cycling policy. The VCD is proud to accompany, moderate and organize the alliance for the upcoming two years!

Some good news can already be reported – the campaigns member Brighton-Hove opened up new parking facilities for 18 bikes using the space of just two former car parking lots: Near London Road Station there is space for twelve bikes; six e-bikes can be parked in a secure shelter used in the Smart E-Bikes project. The e-bike project run by the University of Brighton evaluates the use of e-bikes to learn about their potentials for sustainable mobility in the UK.


Pictures and Background information on the two new parking facilities.

General info on cycling in Brighton-Hove.