Miss Slovakia for Clean Air in Europe

Miss Slovakia Laura Longauerová joined the project Clean Air in spring 2014. She supports different actives focused on Ecodriving. Laura completed certified course on „power saving drive“. On 2nd June 2014 she joined CEPTA press conference introducing the LOGO & principles of Ecodriving, she said: “We should not live only for today, we should care also about the environment in which our children will live. Ecodriving is the activity for everyone – you protect the air, climate and save money in your pocket”. At the press conference we also presented requests to Slovak Environmental ministry for having a strong, air protective position at the ENVI - Council in Luxembourg on 12-June 2014. Slovakia was the 3rd worst EU country in PM2,5; PM10 and O3 pollution following the last EEA report on air quality.

Ecodriving Guidelines Download here

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