Resolutions for the Year of Air

An Alliance of 18 European environmental organizations in 13 EU member states urges for tighter limit values and closing of loophole.

Resolutions for the Year of Air

Common priorities

60 environmental, health and citizens’ NGOs from across the EU submit their input to the European Commission’s consultation on the review of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution. The paper enunciates three priorities for legislative action in 2013.

Joint NGO position paper

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is often used in the context of non-profit organisations. It describes all means to increase the effectiveness of an organisation. This can be the gain or improvement of knowledge, ability or structures.


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This is what we want to achieve

The Air Quality Directive should be implemented more effectively. We hope to achieve this by contributing specialist knowledge to NGOs and administrations and thus helping to monitor the Air Quality Directive on the European level.

Another aim is the development of networks. Regional and local administrations work together with NGOs in order to work on best-practise models to reduce air pollutants.

NGOs receive more competence by capacity building. The goal is to use the justice system as an instrument to put administrations under pressure to ensure the implementation of the AQD.

Another aim is to promote the objectives of the Air Quality Directive. European citizens should be aware of its potential positive impacts on the environment and their quality of life.