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The complete Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC

Budapest I - Technical system in buses for ecodriving

Thanks to CAAG’s initiative and relentless efforts the Budapest public transport company carried out an experiment with the aim of real-time monitoring of the fuel consumption of the bus so that the driver can adapt his driving style for optimal fuel use (ecodriving) and thus attain also reduce harmful emissions. The system helps also to detect misfunctioning of the engine. The test started in April 2015, and it proved to be a success: thanks to the system, fuel consumption was reduced by about 5%. Now BKV is considering to expand the system to the other buses, too. All this would not have happened without the LIFE+ Clean Air Project.

On the picture: CAAG's president, András Lukács at the launch of the test programme measuring and monitoring to the driver real-time fuel-consumption of buses in Budapest.