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The complete Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC

In the European Parliament - Discussing how to clean up Europe’s NRMM sector

Europe’s construction machinery, ships and diesel locomotives still are among the least regulated emission sources when it comes to air pollution, even though they represent a significant share of particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions. Long overdue, European legislation now is expected to update the emission limits and to make these machines cleaner. This so called NRMM regulation is being discussed in this year and on the 27th of May 2015, BUND e.V., Transport and Environment (T&E) and the German Environmental Aid organized a dinner reception, hosted by Seb Dance from the S&D group, an event giving stakeholders the opportunity to discuss already existing solutions for emission reductions as well as examples of their application.

Seb Dance opened the debate with his view on the problem of air pollution, a topic he stretches is of utmost importance for the health of European citizens. First speaker was Arne Fellermann from BUND, who introduced into the topic of air pollution and reported the findings of measurement series of particulate numbers near different NRMM machines.

Second spoke Philipp Troppmann from the European Commission, outlining the rationale behind the original Commission proposal. Second, Ingrid van Leeuwen from the Province of South-Holland talked about regional activities to reduce emissions. The regiona of south Holland for example undertook several initiatives to support aftertreatment solutions, the latest being the NOxvrij project.

Finally, Francois Cuenot from T&E summarized the main demands of NGOS and possibilities that strict emission standard mean for the different sectors. The event was moderated by Greg Archer of T&E and ended with a discussion between the participants.