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European Biking Cities project on tour: meetings in Brussels, Brighton & Hove and London

The six cities forming the European Biking Cities project met in Brighton & Hove for an intense working meeting on March 5 and 6. The group discussed the potential of cargo bikes in urban fright transport and met with the local delivery company Re-Charge Cargo, a sub-contractor for DHL using e-cargo bikes. On a bike ride the city's cycling infrastructure was tested and plans for further improvements were discussed with lead councillor for transport, Ian Davey. At an evening reception with local cycling activists and experts the European Biking Cities partners were welcomed by Major Brian Fitch and his wife. At a concluding working session the group prepared a brochure on good practice examples from the six cities that will be presented at the Velo-city conference in Nantes in June.

On the way to Brighton & Hove part of the group already met in Brussels on March 4. In conversations with the chair of the European Parliament's transport committee, Michael Cramer and with the secretary general of the European Cyclists' Federation, Bernhard Ensink the group discussed lessons learned from the European Biking Cities projects and how cycling policy in cities can benefit from active involvement and exchange at the European level.

After the meeting in Brighton & Hove another part of the group in London had a bike tour with Brian Deegan from Transport for London and learned about recent measures and current plans to improve London's cycling infrastructure. This was further discussed in a meeting with Philip Loy of the London Cycling Campaign.