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Sustainable Transport whiffs a fresh breeze in our cities

For holding the limits for Particulate Matter (PM10) and especiall Nitrogendioxid (NO2) in European cities it is fundamental to change urban mobility. More space for pedestrians and bicycle traffic and the expansion of public transport will bring better... »More

Shipping II - Study on scrubbers for ships: NABU warns of negative impacts for the marine environment

The German environmental organisation NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) published a study on the use of scrubbers for ships in order to reduce the sulphur content in the ships’ fumes evaluates the technology badly: The ecological risks for... »More

Shipping III - Clean Air in Ports: Gdansk

The last workshop of the project “Clean Air in Ports” took place in Gdansk, Poland, on March 19th 2015 during the conference “Transport Week”. Speakers from four European countries presented and discussed air pollution in ports and measures against it. ... »More

Public transport II - First step to a Hungarian electric bus driven future

CAAG advocates for the introduction of electric buses in Hungary since the beginning of the LIFE project. One important step was made in this direction in March when public transport users in Budapest could test for 3 weeks a trial version of an electric... »More

U-Bahn fährt über Brücke / attraktiver Nahverkehr (ÖPNV)

Public transport III - Improving air quality through attractive public transport

Local public transport plays a crucial role for cities, communities and their inhabitants in various regards. For many people it is a good alternative to owning a car and thus enables a self-determined mobility – while being less noisy and safer. At the... »More

European Biking Cities project on tour: meetings in Brussels, Brighton & Hove and London

The six cities forming the European Biking Cities project met in Brighton & Hove for an intense working meeting on March 5 and 6. The group discussed the potential of cargo bikes in urban fright transport and met with the local delivery company Re-Charge... »More

China: Beijing by bike and the city's fight against air pollution

Beijing mobility at a glance

There are two main developments that dominate traffic in Beijing in recent years – and they are the same for most bigger cities in China – one: Population growth, from 10 million in 1990 the city doubled to 20 in 2010 (click... »More

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Clean Air in Ports: During the workshop “Greening Ports” that will be held at the beginning of the week of the 29 IAPH World Ports Congress on June 1st 2015 in Hamburg the final publication, the manual “Clean Air in Ports” will be presented.



Final Event "Clean Air in Cities" on July 6th in Berlin. An invitation and detailed information will follow. If you would like to register or have any questions please contact:

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