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We want your opinion! We started the project Life+ Clean Air in September 2012. Together with our partner campaign “Sootfree for the climate” we take action for clean air in Europe in different projects. We promote cycling, spread the word about particle filters usage and educate people. We connect different stakeholders in workshops and discussions in order to establish best practice initiatives in European cities that can be inspiring for other cities. You can find all information about our project and all news about clean air in Europe on our website.


Is this information of interest to you and do find what you are looking for on our website? That’s an important question for us! As a project co-financed by the EU your feedback is fundamental information for us. Please fill in the little survey and send us your feedback.


Thanks a lot!


Heiko Balsmeyer / Project coordinator Life+ „Clean Air“

»Feedback survey

Since July 1, 2014 nearly all low emission zones in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW / Germany) turned green. Thus, altogether 43 of the 48 low emission zones in Germany are green now. In NRW this means that about 500,000 diesel vehicles that belong to the emission class 3/III and have not been retrofitted are not permitted within the low emission zones anymore. This step is a positive signal for improvement of the air quality in the cities. But the introduction of low emission zones means more than just setting up road signs where they begin and end. The documentary of the roundtable "Clean Air Now - Low Emission Zones" summarizes the keyfacts. 

As a result of this round of discussions VCD has published the Immediate Aid Paper on Low Emission Zones. It is available in German / English / Polish and Czech. »More

NGOs call for particle filters for all inland water vessels

On 25th of July 2014 four NGOs together in the „Soot free for the Climate“ campaign and the “Clean Air” project protested for additional particle filters to reduce the emissions coming from Inland Waterway Transport (IWT). The NGOs measured the number of... »More

European Court of Justice will adjudicate on UK’s air quality plans

Air quality measures are not adequate to meet nitrogen dioxide limits until after 2030 in London, Birmingham and Leeds. According to the EU Air Quality Directive these limits have to be met since 2010. UK’s air quality plans showed that these limits... »More

Soot in Germany: Background information for decision markers

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) soot is the second largest climate warmer, after carbon dioxide. The World Health Organization stated repeatedly that diesel exhaust is carcinogenic. In Germany neither ambient air... »More

“Clean Air in Ports” Workshop in Copenhagen

On June 4th the conference "Clean Air in Ports and Port Cities“ was performed in the European “Green Capital 2014” Copenhagen, in a room of the Danish Parliament in Christiansborg. Helge Roerdam Olesen, senior advisor at the Danish University of Aarhus,... »More

Air quality testings by NABU: Significant air pollution in ports

Virtually there is no further proof needed to be sure that the thick black exhaust gases coming from a big ship’s smoke stack contains lots of toxic air pollutants. However, German environmental NGO NABU did some air quality checks in port cities, next to... »More

BUND awarding ferries on Lake Constance

Today, a total of five ferry ships of the public utility company of Konstanz (Stadtwerke Konstanz) received the green environmental badge by the campaign “Soot free for the Climate” and the project “Clean Air”. These ferries are the first ones in southern... »More

Conference: ”CLEAN AIR IN CITIES” –
Experiences of successful implemented air quality measures

Thursday, 4th September 2014, 9 am - 4:30 pm, Berlin, Germany

Together with representatives from local authorities, government departments and public transport companies from Germany, Poland and Czech Republic we would like to discuss the situation regarding clean air policy in the three countries.

For further information please contact: Gregor Kolbe (VCD)


Legal Workshop for French NGOs
organized by DUH
Tuesday, 16th September 2014, Paris, France

For further information please contact: Amrei Münster (DUH)




Congress: Clean Air in Ports

15th - 17th October 2014, Barcelona / Spain

Within the annual “Green Ports Congress” 2014, which will be held in Barcelona from October 15th to 17th, NABU will contribute with presenting the EU LIFE+ funded project “Clean Air in Ports” and as well as moderating one working group on air quality in the session: “Green ports meeting forthcoming challenges” on October 16th.

For further information please contact: Malte Siegert (NABU).

Low Emission Zones - Immediate Aid Paper for Municipalities

What can low emission zones do for you, what needs to be done to make them successful and whats coming next? 

All you need to know about low emission zones is in here!

Download is available in German, English, Czech and Polish




Soot in Germany: Background information for decision markers.
Part 1: impact and legislative regulations 

The paper is written in German and introduces the most important sources of soot and explains in detail how soot impacts on human health and on the global climate. In addition it lists up legal regulations according emission and immission control of soot in Germany as well as an overview of measurements and sustainable future strategies.

Download Soot in Germany here (German)




Ecodriving and principles of energy-efficient driving
Download is available in English and Slovakian 

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