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Vitoria-Gasteiz: A new European role model for sustainable urban transport is making headlines

After a Clean Air study trip for journalists, media articles across Europe praise the Basque capital city Vitoria-Gasteiz as a positive role model. "In just ten years Vitoria has completely transformed itself from a car-dominated, polluted city to one of... »More

Project Clean Air - a fresh breeze to European cities

The Clean Air project will end in November 2015. This article gives a short overview about the outcome of the cooperation of 9 NGOs from 6 EU-member states to implement best-practice in the transport sector to enhance air quality. 2015 is the final year... »More

Documentation Conference "Clean Air For European Cities" 6 July 2015 in Berlin

Around 90 participants from all over Europe discussed strategies to improve urban air quality and future challenges at the "Clean Air For European Cities" Conference hosted by the Clean Air Project. Air pollution has become the biggest environmental... »More

In the European Parliament - Discussing how to clean up Europe’s NRMM sector

Europe’s construction machinery, ships and diesel locomotives still are among the least regulated emission sources when it comes to air pollution, even though they represent a significant share of particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen dioxide (NOx)... »More

Budapest I - Technical system in buses for ecodriving

Thanks to CAAG’s initiative and relentless efforts the Budapest public transport company carried out an experiment with the aim of real-time monitoring of the fuel consumption of the bus so that the driver can adapt his driving style for optimal fuel use... »More

Budapest II - Better maintenance of buses

Many public transport buses in Hungary are very obsolete, and emit a huge amount of harmful diesel particles. The lack of proper maintenance of the buses is making pollution even worse. In a number of cases diesel fumes can be smelt even inside the bus,... »More

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New publications


Key results published in guidelines "Clean Buses in public transport" in German, Polish and Czech. More information and download here.


The manual „Clean Air in Ports“ contains the results of the workshops held in Hamburg, Antwerp, the UK, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Gdansk and what we learnt during the runtime of the project. More information and download here.

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