Promoting Cleaner Inland Navigation

An important source of emissions, inland shipping has only recently started to capture more public attention – not least because as other transport modes have become increasingly clean, its particulate and NOx emissions have continued to be considerably less regulated. Ships can have a large local emission share. Cities like Cologne in Germany estimate that shipping contributes 25% of local NOx and 17% of PM10 emissions from transport. For Dusseldorf, the NOx contribution was estimated to be 41% of all transport NOx emissions.

BUND has organised two workshops to bring together stakeholders from industry, science and government to discuss technical issues, current subsidy programmes and the regulatory framework governing the sector’s emissions. BUND has also published information for stakeholders on subsidy programmes, technological solutions and the current state-of-play of cleaning inland navigation. Furthermore, within this activity, clean initiatives, like for instance retrofitted ships, received awards. The awards help raise awareness of the problem and the solutions at hand.