Diesel Particulate Filters for Hungarian Buses

CAAG/Ferenc Susánszky
CAAG/Ferenc Susánszky

Organisation of meetings, workshops and conferences. One of these events was a »PM10 meeting«. CAAG co-organised a meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hungarian Parliament on 10th of November 2012 on the subject of the PM10 reduction programme. It was a successful event with 16 Members of Parliament (MP) participating. The Program for Reduction of PM10 adopted by the government in 2011 was extensively discussed with lively debate between the MPs present and the representative of the government. The president of CAAG, András Lukács gave a speech about the possible and necessary steps in the battle against PM emissions. The Committee eventually agreed that, due to its importance, the issue will be discussed by the Committee again in the near future.

Poster exhibition

A mobile poster exhibition focusing on PM emission and ways to reduce it is considered an effective tool to reach out to members of the public. CAAG’s mobile exhibition on the topic has been installed at various locations, including district municipalities of Budapest. Each municipality’s mayor is invited to the opening ceremony of the mobile exhibitions. To ensure wider media coverage, these events have been opened by the mayor or vice-mayor of the particular municipality, followed by a speech by CAAG experts. This way, not only the physically present audience but through the media a wider public is reached. The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the PM10 Reduction Program of the Hungarian Government.

Postcard-Petition to the government

On the European Car-Free Day (22 September 2012) CAAG started the action by asking citizens to sign a petition to the government on a postcard. We plan to collect 20,000 postcards and will subsequently be handed to the government. The petition will urge the government to renew the bus fleet with soot-free vehicles, including electric buses. So far we have collected nearly 2000 signed postcards.