M. Gloger / vzbv
M. Gloger / vzbv

CEPTA's mission is to increase awareness amongst the people of Slovakia of the importance of air quality. It provides information on how to improve  air quality at the individual, municipal and national levels. The second goal is the development of an Eco-Driving methodology and certification scheme, which could be used right across Europe.The target group of our projects is all drivers, whether they are driving cars, trucks or buses.

In this project, we will systematically focus on driving schools, bus, truck and delivery companies. These companies have the highest impact on the successful implementation of the methodologies and also the highest potential to reduce air pollution from transport in a relatively short time. CEPTA has many plans for 2013, including the launch of the Slovak sub-project, the creation of an annual ranking to determine the Eco-car of the year and the completion both of information material on Eco-driving (deadline: summer 2013) and the Eco-driving methodology (deadline: end of 2013) Ecological driving could have the quickest impact on the reduction of air pollution from transportation, which in some cities is responsible for more than 50 % of all air pollution. ECO-driving could save up to 1/3 of fuel, i.e. up to 1/3 of emissions from cars without any additional investment.

Moreover, to drive ecologically also means to save money. Thus this seems to be a win-win solution for drivers as well as for the environment. Therefore we have decided to focus on developing a methodology and a certification scheme for Eco-driving. Methodology means spreading the know-how and the certification scheme will try to motivate the most important target groups – driving schools, bus/delivery companies, etc.

Eco-driving leaflet and guide also in English, PDF (363 KB).

Demonstration drives on Ecodriving (Website CEPTA).

Press conference with Miss Slovakia on Ecodriving and air pollution (Website CEPTA).